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3. Editing A Post

Posted on April 05th, 2021 12:12 pm

Once you've created a post, you are able to go back and edit the post, if you need to.

Sometimes you make a typo, or event planning changes. We get that! That is the purpose for this tutorial.

First, navigate to your account section by logging in, clicking the account icon in the top right corner of any planner, and clicking on the 'Manage Account' link. 

Once in your 'My Account' dashboard, you will see your posts listed.
Next to each post is a pencil icon. Click the icon to have the 'Edit Post' dialog open.

From here, the edit dialog looks and behaves the exact same as the 'Create Post' dialog.


A few important notes:
If your post was previously approved by an organization and you make any changes to it, it will need to be approved by the organization.
If you edit your post dates, all counters will be reset.